Tanks aka Atomizers are the top pieces that connect to your battery (mods). If you already have a battery and would like to just buy a top piece to expand your vape selection and save money, this section is for you! Very easy to maintain since all of our tanks are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. The replaceable heating elements are available in our accessories and are very cost effective and convenient.

You may find in this category: Concentrate Atomizer, Wax Atomizer, Oil Atomizer, Dry Herb Atomizer, and Eliquid Atomizer.

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Boom Ebob 2 in 1 Concentrate Water Filtration Atomizer TankThis is the newest product in concen..
Boom Nova + 2 Nova Stove Top Coil Dry Herb Atomizer TankThe Boom Nova is the first ever sub ohm..
Boom VB22 Dry Herb Atomizer TankThe Boom VB22 is the miniaturized version of our Vhit Boom. 510..
COD DC PODSThe COD DC PODS Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Kit is made for massive ripsFeatures:Made for disp..
Gold AC1003 1.0ml (100pk)Oil AtomizerPackage:100pcs Gold AC1003 1.0ml..
Gold AC1003 1.0ml (5pk)Oil AtomizerPackage:5 pcs Gold AC1003 1.0ml..
Nero Concentrate AtomizerConcentrate AtomizerPackage:5 pcs Single Quartz Coil..