Concentrate & Oil Kits

Concentrate & Oil Kits

Starting from scratch? Get an entire concentrate vape kit, oil vaporizer or wax vaporizer at discounted prices today. With our pre assemble concentrate kits there is nothing to worry about since the kits are designed to work right out of the box.

Boom Atlas: Concentrate KitThe Boom Atlas Kit is made for concentrates.Features:Easy Pull Down Switc..
Boom BoxConcentrate VaporizerThe Boom Box Kit is made for concentrates.Features:Mod style atomizer a..
Boom C Concentrate Wax Vape Pen The newly updated Boom C (Boom Nvape). It is 510 threaded ..
Smoking Dragon Titanium Dual CoilPortable Concentrate Vaporizer It uses titanium quartz coil in..
A Portable Oil Vaporizer The A portable vaporizer kit is made for oil.Features:Made for di..
Nero A2Portable Oil Vaporizer Fit tanks up to 9.7mmThe Nero A2 portable vaporizer kit is made f..
Nero Mini Box: Cannabis Oil VaporizerThe Nero Mini Box: Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Kit is made for canna..
Nero Reload 3in1 - full kit for herbal, concentrates, and oils.The Nero Reload 3in1 is a full kit fo..
Nero V Cannabis Oil & Concentrate VaporizerThe Nero V Kit is made for cannabis oi..