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Boom Atlas: Concentrate KitThe Boom Atlas Kit is made for concentrates.Features:Easy Pull Down Switc..
$50.00 $40.00
Boom BoxConcentrate VaporizerThe Boom Box Kit is made for concentrates.Features:Mod style atomizer a..
$100.00 $85.00
Boom Erig: Portable dabbing electronic dabbing rigThe Boom Erig Kit is made for concentrates.Feature..
Nero Mini Box: Cannabis Oil VaporizerThe Nero Mini Box: Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Kit is made for canna..
Nero Reload 3in1 - full kit for herbal, concentrates, and oils.The Nero Reload 3in1 is a full kit fo..
$17.50 $12.50
Nero V2Cannabis Oil & Concentrate VaporizerThe Nero V2 Kit is made for cannabis oil and concentr..
$17.50 $10.00
Nero V Cannabis Oil & Concentrate VaporizerThe Nero V Kit is made for cannabis oi..